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Name: Zelkowitsh
Name (Yiddish): זעךקאָװיטש

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Title: Tono Rabonon (Yid) -- תנו רבּנן (ייִדיש)
On album: B-011(a) (Songs Of The Ghetto Sung By Cantor Abraham Brun)
Track ID: 15404
Author Zelkowitsh -- זעךקאָװיטש
Composer Beyglman, David -- בײגלמאַן, דוד
Artist Brun, Khazn Abraham -- ברון, חזן אַבֿרהם
First line: S'zitst der blaser kloyznik khanon geboygn iber der gemora,
First line:ס'זיצט דער בלאַסער קלױזניק חנן געבױגען איבער דער גמרא,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Yiddish text and translat with album notes.

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