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Title: A Sudenyu -- אַ סועדהניו
Also known as: Meshiekhs Sudenyu
Also known as: Vos Vet Zayn Az Meshiekh Vet Kumen
Also known as: Zog Zhe Rebenyu
Genre: Folk/Messiah/Meshiekh/Khasidic
Subject: Feast/Messiah/Meshiekh/Food/Great Ox/Leviathan/Torah/Dance/
Origin: Alb B-007(b)/Vinkov 3106)/ML PYS 170/
Transliteration: ML PYS 170/Alb A-036(a)/Alb B-007(b)/Vinkov 3106/Alb R-034(k)
Translation: ML PYS 170/Vinkov 3106/Alb A-036(a)/Alb B-07(b)/Alb R-/034(k)/Alb V0310
Music: ML PYS 170/Vinkov 3 106

Related information in folder 453:On album: N-026(a) (An Afternoon Of Yiddish Art Song)
Track ID: 27749
Piano Rosenzweig, Joyce
Vocal Abelson, Cantor Robert Paul
Vocal Novick, Cantor Martha
Arranger Kisselgoff (?)
First line: Zog zhe mir rebenyu, vos zhe vet zayn az moshiekh vet kumen?
First line (Yiddish):זאָג זשע מיר רבּיניו, װאָס װעט זײַן אַז משיח װעט קומען?
Track comment: Recorded under "Zog Zhe Rebenyu"
Language: Yiddish
Style: Art Song/Concert/Performance Recording/Duet

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