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Name: Cugat, Xavier

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Title: Wedding Samba
Author: Ellstein, Abe -- עלשטײַן, אײב
Author: Liebowitz, Joseph
Author: Small, Allan
Composer: Ellstein, Abe -- עלשטײַן, אײב
Composer: Liebowitz, Joseph
Composer: Smulewitz, Solomon -- שמוליװטש, שלמה
Genre: Dance/Samba/Latin
Subject: Wedding/Marriage/Place/Rio Grande
Additional song notes: See Gottlieb 147-48 for relationship between "I Met A Girl", "The Wedding Samba", "I Fell Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet", "If I Were A Rich Man" - See also "Der Nayer Sher" See Heskes 3368
On album: F-045(a)2 (From Avenue A To The Great White Way/ Yiddish & American Popular Songs/ Disk 2)
Track ID: 28551
Artist: Xavier Cugat Orchestra
Violin/Orchestra Director Cugat, Xavier
Vocal Lane, Abbe
Arranger Orchestral Version Small, Allan
First line: Way down in the land of the Rio Grande, when people are married, they play…
Track comment: Originally recorded Feb 7, 1950/ Unknown orchestra personel
Language: English
Style: Big Band/Latin

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