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Name: Krupa, Gene

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Title: Jungle Madness
Composer: Willet, Chappie
Genre: Swing
On album: F-045(a)2 (From Avenue A To The Great White Way/ Yiddish & American Popular Songs/ Disk 2)
Track ID: 28559
Artist: Gene Krupa Orchestra
Leader/Drums Krupa, Gene
Trumpet Sherman, Al
Trombone O'Brien, Floyd
Trombone Rizzoto, Dalton
Alto Saxaphone Snyder, Bob
Alto Saxaphone Ruffo, Mascagni
Clarinet/Tenor Saxaphone Musiker, Sam -- מוזיקער, סעם
Tenor Saxaphone Donahue, Sam
Piano Raskin, Milton
Guitar Biondi, Ray
String Bass Rollins, Horace
Arranger Willet, Chappie
Trumpet Cameron, Ray
Trumpet Muntz, Jack
Trumpet Kazebier, Nate
Track comment: Originally recorded April 17, 1939
Style: Instrumental/Big Band/Swing
Length: 02:51

Title: Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn
Author: Jacobs, Jacob -- זשאַקאָבס, זשאַקאָב
Author: Cahn, Sammy
Author: Chapin, Harry
Composer: Secunda, Sholom -- סעקונדאַ, שלום
Genre: Theatre/American/Pop/Swing
Subject: Love/Beauty/Appearance
Origin: GYF 40/Alb F-024(e)/Alb K-029(e)/Alb G-035(b)
Transliteration: Estella 4/Alb K-007(a)/GYF 43/Alb K-059(d)/
Translation: GYF 43/
Music: Estalla 4/GYF 41/
Additional song notes: English Version

Related information in folder 165:On album: G-072(a) (Benny Goodman: Bay Mir Bistu Sheyn -- בעני גוטמאַן: בײַ מיר ביסטו שײן)
Track ID: 30992
Clarinet Goodman, Benny
Piano Wilson, Teddy
Vibraphone Hampton, Lionel
Drums Krupa, Gene
Vocal Tilton, Martha
Trumpet Ellman, Ziggy
First line: Bay mir bistu shayn, please let me explain, bay mir bistu shayn means that…
Track comment: Recorded December 1937, commercial release sides "A" and "B"
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Swing/Klezmer

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