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Name: Cohen, Doris

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Title: Raisins and Almonds
Also known as: Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen
Also known as: Shlof Mayn Kind Shlof
Author: Goldfaden, Avrom -- גאָלדפֿאַדען, אַבֿרהם
Composer: Goldfaden, Avrom -- גאָלדפֿאַדען, אַבֿרהם
On album: A-009(a) (Jewish Folk Songs Joey Adams - Sholom Secunda with Guests)
Track ID: 12942
Vocal Cohen, Doris
Conductor Secunda, Sholom -- סעקונדאַ, שלום
First line: In dem beys-hamikdosh, In a vinkl kheyder, zitst di almone..
First line (Yiddish):אין דעם בית־המקדש, אין אַ װינקל־חדר, זיצט די אַלמנה בת־ציון…
Track comment: with A Brivele Der Mame
Language: Yiddish

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