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Name: Shube, Billy

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Title: Yosl Un Sore Dvoshe -- יוסל און שׂרה־דוואָשע
Also known as: The Sunflower Seed Tango
Author: Broydo, Kasriel -- ברױדאָ, כּתריאל
Composer: Gordon, Fanny
Genre: Cabaret/Tango/Love/Concert
Song Comment: Love/Anger/Reconciliation/Chocolate/Theater/Sunflower Seeds/Cookies/Marriage
Origin: Ephemera 1165
Transliteration: Ephemera 1458 -2015/WNTL Oct 18, 2015
Translation: /WNTL Oct 18, 2015
Additional song notes: The Sunflower Seed Tango Ephemera 1458: See 2015 program for translat and translit
On album: F-048(a) (Fish Street Klezmer Yiddish Songs of Love and Drinking/Ken Richmond)
Track ID: 30922
Accordion Gerson, Ben
Trombone Moses, Jason
Trumpet Shube, Billy
Arranger/Vocal/Violin/Guitar Richmond, Ken
Arranger/Vocal/Accordion/Mandolin Shazeer, Shira
First line: Akh, mayn libe Sore-Dvoshe, vos zhe zitstu in gas…
First line (Yiddish):אַך, מייִן ליבע סאָרע דוואָרשע, וואָס זשע זיצטו אין גאַס
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Cabaret
Length: 3:42

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