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Name: Sandberg, Steve

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Title: Kats Un Moyz -- קאַץ און מוז
Author: Gelbart, Mikhl -- געלבאַרט, מיכל
Composer: Gelbart, Mikhl -- געלבאַרט, מיכל
Genre: Children's Song/Game
Subject: Cat/Mouse/Circle/Counting/Chase Mouse/Children/Behavoir
Origin: Alb G-017(a)
Transliteration: Alb G-017(a)
Translation: Alb G-017(a)
Additional song notes: Cat and Mouse
On album: K-051(f) (The Klezmatics: Rise Up! Shteyt Oyf!)
Track ID: 31053
Accordion/High-strung guitar/Piano Sklamberg, Lorin
Various Horns/Piano/Organ/Keyboards/Percussion London, Frank
Alto Sax/Clarinet/Bass Clarinet/Kaval/Percussion Darrieu, Matthiau
Violin/Baritone Violin Gutkin, Lisa
Electric and Accoustic Basses/Tsimbl/Piano/Violin Morrissett, Paul
Piano Sandberg, Steve
Violin (solo) Greenman, Steven
Poem Adaptation Wex, Michael
Hardanger Fiddle/Hurdy-Gurdy/Alto & Baritone Horns Morrissett, Paul
Drums/Percussion Licht, David
Style: Klezmer
Length: 5:15

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