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Name: Lash, Isadore
Name (Yiddish): לעש, איזאַדאָר

Songs written or composed

Title: Shema Koleynu (Secunda) -- שמע קולינו (סענקונדאַ)
Author: Lash, Isadore -- לעש, איזאַדאָר
Composer: Secunda, Sholom -- סעקונדאַ, שלום
Genre: Theater/Religious/Prayer/Lament
Subject: Forgiveness/Persecution/Entreaty/Plea
Additional song notes: From the S. Kohn production "Dem Ruv's Tokhter"

Sheet music:

Folder: 258
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Yiddish/Transliteration
Publisher: S. G oldberg & Co.
Publisher address: 398 Grand St. New York, NY
Date: 1919
Provenance: Schper-Rosenthal Sheet Music Collection, Gift of Faye & Jerry Rosenthal
Mel & Shrifra Gold Project, NYBC Catlg #: 57
First line: Shema koleu adonoy eloheynu, khus vrakhem olenu…
Notes: Dark blue lettering, Yiddish/English. Photo inserts of S. Blum & Samuel Secunda. "Sung with great success by Mr. S. Blum". At the Liberty Theatre in S. Kohn's prodction "Dem Ruv's Techter". Price, Piano; 50 cents/ Violin 30 cents.

Title: I Want To Be A Mother (Video)
Author: Lash, Isadore -- לעש, איזאַדאָר
Genre: Melodrama
Subject: Marriage/Illegitmate Child/Jealousy/Matchmaker/Forgivness


On album: V0165 (I Want To Be A Mother/ Cast: Leo Fuchs/ Hanna Hollander/ Zetta Zwerling (Video))
Track ID: 35730
Director Roland, George
Performer Fuchs, Leo -- פֿוקס, לעאָ
Performer Waldman, Cantor Leybele -- װאַלדמאַן, חזן לײבעלע
Performer Feyler, Moyshe
Performer Saltzman, Esta -- זאַלצמאַן, עסטע
Performer Greenfield, Rose
Performer Hollander, Hannah
Performer Lubritzky, Dave
Performer Serebroff, Muni
Performer Gasler, Sam
Performer Zwerling, Yetta
Language: Yiddish
Style: Drama

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