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Name: Berkowitz, Simon

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Title: Mai Ko Mash Me Lon -- מאַי־קאָ משמע־לן?
Also known as: Di Gemure
Also known as: Mika's Song
Author: Reisen, Avrom -- רײזען, אַבֿרהם
Genre: Literary Origin/Lament/Maskilic
Subject: Yeshiva/Student/Life/Meaning/Despair/Futility/Waste
Origin: YRD YPS 143/ML PYS 116/Sh Sh 109
Transliteration: YRD YPS 143/ML PYS 116/Alb L-004(a)
Translation: Alb L-004(a)/Sh Sh 108
Music: YRD YPS 143/ML PYS 117
Additional song notes: What Does It Mean To Me? What Do We Learn From This?
On album: V-015(b)
Track ID: 31325
Artist: Berkowitz, Simon
First line: Mai ko masma-lon der regn? Vos'zhe lost er mir tsu hern?
First line (Yiddish):מאַי קאָ משמע־לן דער רעגן? װאָס־זשה לאָזט ער מיר צו הערן?
Language: Yiddish
Style: Concert/Harp and Piano Accompaniment
Length: 3:44

Title: Dos Kind Ligt In Vigele -- דאָס קינד ליגט אין װיגעלע
Genre: Lament
Subject: Infant/Mother/Death/Orphan
Origin: Brounoff.11
Transliteration: Alb P-005(a)
Translation: Alb P-005(a)Brounoff.11
Music: Brounoff.11

Related information in folder 5:On album: V-015(b)
Track ID: 31324
Artist: Berkowitz, Simon
First line: Dos kind ligt in vigele mit oysgeveyte oygn, di mame ligt af der erd…
First line (Yiddish):דאָס קינד ליגט אין וויגעלע מיט אויסגעווייטע אויגן, די מאַמע ליגט אַף דער ערד...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Sadly/Strings, Harp and Piano accompaniment
Length: 3:35

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