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Title: Rozo De Shabos
Composer: Pinchik, Cantor Pierre S.
Genre: Religious/Liturgical
Subject: Shabos/Mystery
Transliteration: Alb S-072(a)
Translation: Vorbei 247
Additional song notes: The Mystery of the Sabbath (Phrase from the Zohar)
On album: V-015(c) (Vorbei… Beyond Recall, CD 3/ A Record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin, 1933-1938)
Track ID: 31366
Vocal Schwarzmer-Lengyel, Josef -- שוואַרצמער-לענגיעל, יוסף
Organ Schwerz, H.
First line: Koudkho berikhi ekhod leyla loy yousiv al koursayo dikorey..
Language: Aramaic
Style: Cantorial/Concert
Length: 6:40

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