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Name: Levin, Hershl
Name (Yiddish): לעווין, הערשל

Songs written or composed

Title: Varshe Baynakht -- וואַרשע בײַנאַכט
Author: Levin, Hershl -- לעווין, הערשל
Composer: Rumshinsky, Yosef -- רומשינסקי, יאָסף
Genre: Theater/Lament
Subject: Warsaw/Night/Prostitute/Faded/Lantern
Additional song notes: From "Warsaw AT Night"

Sheet music:

Folder: 720
Series: 4
Arranged for: Voice/Piano
Texts: Yiddish/Transliteration
Publisher: Joseph Rumshinsky & Harry Levin
Publisher address: Trio Press, Inc.
Date: 1938
Provenance: Schper-Rosenthal Sheet Music Collection, Gift of Faye & Jerry Rosenthal
Mel & Shrifra Gold Project, NYBC Catlg #: 559
First line: Kind fun der nakht, di velt mir gegebn dem shtempl…
First line (Yiddish): קינד פֿון דער נאַכט, די וועלט מיר געגעבן דעם שטעמפּל...
Notes: Dark blue lettering, Yiddish/English. From the theatre production "Warsaw At Night". Now playing every Friday Evening, Saturday & Sunday matinee and evening. Produced by Irving Grossman. Yiddish words on back cover. Cast of characters in Yiddish & English also on back cover.

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