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Name: Kannenwasser, Max
Died: WW II
Note: Part of popular singing duo with Arnold (Nol) van Wesel known as "Johhny & Jones" See Silverman TUD 142

Songs written or composed

Title: Die Westerbork Serenade
Author: Kannenwasser, Max
Composer: van Wesel, Arnold (Nol)
Genre: Holocaust/World War II
Subject: Westerbork/Camp/Love/Forbidden/Kiss/Frustration
Origin: Silverman TUF 142
Translation: Silverman TUF 142
Music: Silverman TUF 142


On album: S-102(a) (The Undying Flame/ Ballads & Songs of the Holocaust/ Jerry Silverman)
Track ID: 31794
Vocal/Guitar/English Adaptation Silverman, Jerry
Violin/Mandolin Silverman, Antoine
Cello Kadvan, Alex
Oboe Silverman, David
Tenor Saxaphone Silverman, Misha
First line: Hello, the situation seems to worsen, and just my thoughts I can't seem to guide
Language: English
Style: Pop/Swing
Length: 4:46

On album: B-091(a) (Balagan/ Mir Zenen Do! -- באַלאַגאַן \ מיר זענען דאָ)
Track ID: 32114
Artist: Balagan
Vocal/Arranger Wijk, Jacob v. d.
Language: Dutch
Style: Concert
Length: 149

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