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Name: Dimitrievich, E.

Songs written or composed

Title: Gory Gory
Author: Dimitrievich, E.
Genre: Russian Gypsy/Love
Subject: Passion

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On album: G-006(i) (Romances Populaires Russes Et Tziganes par Sarah Gorby)
Track ID: 18870
Vocal Gorby, Sarah -- גאָרבי, שׂרה
Artist: Arlovsky, Nicolas, Orchestra
Track comment: Love Of A Gypsy Woman - French Title "L'amour D'une Tzigane"
Language: Russian

On album: B-082(a) (Heart On The Snow The Balalaika Russe)
Track ID: 25855
Artist Sherman, Judy & Balalaike Russe
Track comment: English - Burn, Burn, Gypsy Love - See
Language: Russian

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