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Name: Kates, David

Songs written or composed

Title: Nes Gadol -- נס גדל
Author: Roth, I.
Author: Kates, Cantor Linda
Author: Silver, J.
Composer: Kates, David
Genre: Holiday/Khanike
Subject: Miracle/Macabees/Light/Memory/Celebration
Origin: Alb S-104(a)


On album: S-104(a) (The Spirit Series Vol 5/ The Spirit of Hanukkah/ Voices of the Conservative Movement)
Track ID: 32772
Vocal Kates, Cantor Linda
First line: Light the lights of Hanukkah, light the lights of dedication,
Language: English
Style: Soft Rock
Length: 2:29

On album: P-068(c) (Mrs. Maccabee's Kitchen: New Hanukkah Songs / Jane Peppler/ Aviva Enoch and Mappamundi)
Track ID: 41495
Vocal/Violin Peppler, Jane
Piano Enoch, Aviva
First line: NUN my heart feels nothing without you, GIMMEL, I won your love but now we're…
Language: English
Style: Pop
Length: 2:47

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