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Name: Lam, Cantor Nathan

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Title: Al Hanism (Isaacson) -- על הנסים (אײַסיקסאָן)
Composer: Isaacson, Michael
Genre: Khanike/Holiday/Liturgical
Subject: Thanks/Miracles/Battles/Salvation
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 35/Coopersmith HCB 11
Transliteration: Coopersmith NJS 35/Alb L-024(a)/Alb S-104(a)/Coopersmith HCB 11
Translation: Alb S-104(a)/Alb B-026(b)/Alb L-024(a)/Alb W-022(a)/Alb C-023(h)
Additional song notes: Alb S-104(a)/Alb B-026(b)/Alb L-024(a)/Alb W-022(a)/Alb C-023(h)
On album: S-104(a) (The Spirit Series Vol 5/ The Spirit of Hanukkah/ Voices of the Conservative Movement)
Track ID: 32781
Vocal Lam, Cantor Nathan
Vocal Children's Choir
Artist: National Symphony Of Israel
Conductor/Arranger Isaacson, Michael
First line: Al hanisim, v'al hapurkon, v'al hag'vuros, v'al hat'shous…
First line (Hebrew):על הניסים, ועל הפּרקן, ועל הגבוּרוֹת, ועל התּשוּעוֹת שׁעשׂית…
Language: Hebrew
Style: Syncopated/Jazz
Length: 1:59

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