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Name: Magidson, Herb
Born: Jan 7, 1906 (Braddock, PA)
Died: Jan 2, 1986

Songs written or composed

Title: Enjoy Yourself
Author: Magidson, Herb
Author: Sigman, Carl
Composer: Magidson, Herb
Genre: Pop
Subject: Work/Relaxation/Pleasure/Age/Education
Origin: Ephemera 774
Additional song notes: See "Leb Un Lakh" for Yiddish adaptation by Ben Tsion Witler.


On album: B-088(b) (Bobby Block Sings Yiddish / The Songs From His Youth)
Track ID: 33534
Vocal/Saxophone/Clarinet Block, Bobby
Keyboards Kravitz, Bernie
Percussion Sperell, Chic
First line: Oh, enjoy yourself, its later than you think, enjoy yourself, while you're…
Language: English
Style: Pop
Length: 2:30

On album: K-010(c) (Miriam Kressyn & Seymour Rexsite sing the Yiddish Hit Parade)
Track ID: 4657
Vocal/Yiddish Adaptation Kressyn, Miriam -- קרעסן, מיריאַם
Vocal Rechtzeit, Seymour -- רעכצײַט, סימאָר
First line: Enjoy yourself, meg zen a gutn tog, enjoy yourself,
First line:ענדזױ יאָרסעלף, מעג זען אַ גוטן טאָג, ענדזױ יאָרסעלף,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Pop

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