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Name: Berman, Alice

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Title: Tsvey Taybelekh (Video) -- צװײ טײַבעלעך (ווידיאָ)
Genre: Folk/Love/Lament
Subject: Doves/Love/Curse/Interference/Separation
Song Comment: Song associated with Liuba Levitshka in the Vilna Ghetto
Origin: ML SOG 34/Kalisch 151/Rubin Oak 88/Alb R-024(d)
Transliteration: ML SOG 34/Kalisch 12/Rubin Oak 70/Alb R-024(d)WEVD 2/Alb V0121
Translation: ML SOG 35/Kalisch 12/Rubin Oak 70/Alb R-024(d)Alb O-001(a)/Alb V0121
Music: ML SOG 35/Kalisch 10Rubin Oak 70
On album: V0121 (The Humanaires In Concert (Video))
Track ID: 34011
Vocal Humanaires
Vocal Perlmutter, Fagie
Conductor Berman, David
Pianist Baroyan, Zara
Narrator Sears, Sam Wade
Vocal/Soloist Berman, Alice
First line: Tsvey taybelekh zenen iber a vaser gefloygn,
First line (Yiddish):צװײ טײַבעלעך זענען איבער אַ װאַסער געפֿלױגן, אין די פּיסקעלעך..
Language: Yiddish
Style: Choral/Concert

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