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Name: Dreytsel, Leon
Name (Yiddish): דרײצל, ל.

Songs written or composed

Title: Gut Yon Tov Aykh Kinder (Eng) -- גוט יום טובֿ אײַך קינדער (ענגליש)
Author: Tsesler, Shmuel -- צעסלער, שמואל
Composer: Dreytsel, Leon -- דרײצל, ל.
Genre: Holiday/Children
Song Comment: /Khanike/Dreydl/Money/Candle
Origin: Alb W-022(a)


On album: W-022(a) (The Chanukah Story sung by The Western Wind)
Track ID: 18308
Vocal Western Wind Ensemble
Narrator Bikel, Theodore
English Adaptation/Arranger Zukoff, William
First line: We come to you children, with greetings...
Language: English

Title: Lyalkele -- ליאַלקעלע
Author: Moskowitz, Abraham -- מאָסקאָוויץ, אבֿרהם
Composer: Dreytsel, Leon -- דרײצל, ל.
Genre: Children's, Lullaby
Subject: Sleep, Lullaby, Birds, Nest, Sing,Rocking/Doll
Origin: Ephemera 918
Transliteration: Ephemera 918
Translation: Ephemera 918
Additional song notes: Little Doll


On album: S-145(a) (Songs From the Garden of Eden/ Jewish Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes)
Track ID: 38008
daf, riqq, darbouka, udu, cajon, pandeiro, guimbarde Paul, Mindy
guitars, oud, mandolin, bouzouki, bass, percussion, vocals Jean-Christophe Hoarau
qanoun Khadija El Afrit
oud Mohamed Nabil Saied
accordion Christine Laforet
violin Jason Meyer
clarinet Yannick Thepault
First line: Lyalkele, lyalkele, ay-lyu-lyu Dayn mame vigt dikh itster tsu Mit a lidele...
First line (Yiddish):ליאַלקעלע, ליאַלקעלע, אײַ-ליו-ליו, דײַן מאַמע וויגט דיך איצטער צו.
Language: Yiddish
Length: 1:43

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