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Name: Karniol, Cantor Alter Yechiel
Name (Yiddish): חזן אַ. קאַרניאַל
Born: 1855
Died: 1928 (New York, NY)

Tracks with this artist

Title: Habeyn Yakir Li (Karniol) -- הבּן יקיר לי (קאַרניאָל)
Genre: Religious/Prophet/Biblical
Subject: Ephraim/Son/Forgivness/Child/Mercy/Jeremiah 31:20
Origin: Pasternak CH 152/Alb C-005(m)
Transliteration: Pasternak CG 116/Alb C-005(m)
Translation: Pasternak CH 152
Additional song notes: My Son Is Dear To Me
On album: M-047(c) (Cantors Klezmorim and Crooners: 1905-1953 / Classic Yiddish 78s from the Mayrent Collection A)
Track ID: 35542
Vocal Karniol, Cantor Alter Yechiel -- חזן אַ. קאַרניאַל
Language: Hebrew
Style: Cantorial/Concert
Length: 3:47

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