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Name: Keter
Name (Yiddish): קעטער

Songs written or composed

Title: Kedusha (Keter) -- קדוּשׁה (קעטער)
Composer: Keter -- קעטער
Genre: Liturgical/Religious
Subject: Holiness/Sanctification
Origin: Ephemera 980
Additional song notes: Sactification


On album: M-079(a) (Mokum/Jerusalem of the West/ The Musical Tradition of the Ashkenazi Cummunity of Amsterdam -- מקום\ירשלים של המערב\המסורת המוסיקלית של הקהילה האשכנזית של אמסטרדם)
Track ID: 20023
Vocal Menakhem, Khaim
Track comment: Trisagion-From Isaiah 06:03 Recording made by Amnon Shiloh

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