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Name: Zolotarefsky, Isadore

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Title: Susi Bren, Di Dinst Moyd -- סוזי ברען די דינסט מויד
Author: Zolotarefsky, Isadore
Genre: Theater/
Subject: Servant Girl/Citizen/US/Lady/Demands/Employer/Interview
Origin: Alt M-047(c) [start of opening monologue]
Additional song notes: Susi Bren, The Servant Girl from the play of the same name.


On album: M-047(d) (Cantors Klezmorim and Crooners: 1905-1953 / Classic Yiddish 78s from the Mayrent Collection B)
Track ID: 35591
Vocal Thomashevsky, Bessie -- טאָמאַשעװסקי, בעסי
First line: Hello, do voynst mr fig, o...correct, mit a laydi, darf men hobn a ladyi...
First line:העלאָ, דאָ וווּינסט מיסטער פֿיג? יאָ...קאָרעקט מיט אַ ליידי, דאַרף מען האָבן...
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Monolog/Sketch/Spoken Word
Length: 3:38

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