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Name: Markish, David
Name (Yiddish): מאַרקיש, דוד
Born: Sept 24, 1938 (Moscow)
Note: Emigrated to Israel 1972

Songs written or composed

Title: Otpusti Narod Moy
Also known as: Pharaoh - Let My People Go
Author: Markish, David -- מאַרקיש, דוד
Genre: Protest/March
Subject: Soviet Jewry/Freedom/Exodus/Pharaoh
Translation: Ephemera 1144
Additional song notes: Pharaoh - Let My People Go


On album: N-007(a) (The New Slavery)
Track ID: 11618
Vocal Goffin, Cantor Sherwood
Arranger/Conductor Schwartz, Stanley, arr and cond
First line: To the Pharaoh, to the Pharaoh, I say, let my people go!
Language: English

On album: B-007(j) (Silent No More Theodore Bikel)
Track ID: 11619
Vocal Bikel, Theodore
Arranger/Conductor Miron, Issachar, arr & cond
First line: Pharaonu, Pharaonu gavaryu, Otpusti narod moy,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: lyrics by Bikel and Miron. "Pharaoh - Let My People Go"
Language: Russian
Style: Defiant

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