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Name: Marta Bizoń

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Title: Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh -- מאַך צו די אײגעלעך
Also known as: Got Hot Di Velt Farmakht
Author: Shpigl, Isaiah -- שפּיגל, ישעיה
Composer: Beyglman, David -- בײגלמאַן, דוד
Genre: Lullaby/Holocaust/Lament
Subject: Child/Homeless/Fear/Destruction
Origin: Kaczer 92/Alb B-011(a)/Alb D-004(g)/ML WAH 052/Alb R34(i)
Transliteration: Flam B 147/Alb C-035(c)/Alb F-032(c)/ML WAH 52/Alb Z-010(g)/Duhl 219/B-095(b)
Translation: Alb C-035(c)/ML WAH 52/Alb Z-010(g)/Alb B-011(a)/Alb D-004(g)/Duhl 212/Flam B
Music: ML WAH 52/Flam T 187
Additional song notes: First sung at the Culture House of the Lodz Ghetto, written after - the death of the author's daughter, Eva. Banned by the Jewish - Council because it spoke too openly of suffering and Nazi - terroris See Duhl Doctoral Thesis.
On album: J-049(a) (18th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow/18. Festiwal Kultury Zyd owskiej w Krakowie 28.06-06.07.2008)
Track ID: 37404
Artist: Marta Bizoń
Artist: Katarzyna Jamróz
First line: Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh ont kinde und feygele, kravs un dor atrite tsu hoppen tzvin
Language: Yiddish
Length: 3:01

Title: Joszke odjeżdza
Author: Traditional
Genre: Instrumental/Klezmer/Brass
Additional song notes: from the album Leopold Kozlowski Ostatni Klezmer Galicji, Klezmerhojs 2002
On album: J-049(f) (17th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow/17. Festiwal Kultury Zyd owskiej w Krakowie 23.06-01.07 2007)
Track ID: 37440
Artist: Marta Bizoń
Artist: Andrzej Rón
First line: ah oney koshata
Language: Russian
Style: Polka, Narrative song
Length: 1:45

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