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Title: Ka Ribon
Author: Yisrael Ben Moishe
Composer: Basya Schechter
Genre: Folk/Country/Addaptation
Additional song notes: written by Rabbi Israel Najara (1555-1628), a native of Damascus who later lived in Safed. prominent member of the Kabbalistic school at Safed. From the album Haran oy!hoo records 2007
On album: J-049(b) (19th Jewish Culture Festival in Krakow/19. Festiwal Kultury Zydowskiej w Krakowie 27.06-5.07.2009)
Track ID: 37414
band Pharaoh's Daughter
First line: Ka ribon olam v’olmaya ant hu malka melech malchaya
First line (Hebrew):הּ רִבּוֹן עָלַם וְעָלְמַיָּא אַנְתְּ הוּא מַלְכָּא מֶֽלֶךְ מַלְכַיָּא
Language: Hebrew
Length: 4:21

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