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Name: Enirbod, Mr.

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Title: Shlof Zhe Mayn Feygele -- שלאָף זשע מײַן פֿײגעלע
Genre: Folk/Lullaby
Subject: Child/Angels/Guardian/Peace/
Origin: ML SOG 4
Transliteration: ML SOG 4/K-053(a)
Translation: ML SOG 4
Music: ML SOG 4
Additional song notes: Gershwin wrote that he patterned "My One & Only" after this melody. See Gottlieb, p. 43
On album: Y-021(a)2 (Yiddish New York - Paris - Varsovie 1910-1940 - CD 2)
Track ID: 23780
Vocal Enirbod, Mr.
First line: Shlof shoyn mayn feygele, Makh tsu dayn eygele, Shlof mayn..
First line (Yiddish):שלאָף שױן מײַן פֿײגעלע, מאַך צו דײַן אײגעלע, שלאָף מײַן קינד, שלאָף,
Language: Yiddish

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