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Name: Johnson, W.

Songs written or composed

Title: Some Things Are Just The Same
Author: Mrocki, Freydi
Composer: Brown, B.
Composer: Johnson, W.
Genre: Vaudville/Musicic Hall/Parody
Subject: Identity/Australia/Memory/Tradition/Place/Constancy/Home
Origin: Alb K-026(k)2
Additional song notes: Parody of "Give Me A Home Among The Gum Trees


On album: Alb K-026(k)2
Track ID: 42231
Clarinet/Guitar/Backup Vocal Myrocki, Lionel
Bayan Breytman, David
Double Bass/Vocal/Guitar/Harmonica Krycer, David
Vocal/Percussion Mrocki, Freydi
Arrangement Klezmania
First line: Well, I've been around Australia a couple of times or maybe more from outback…
Language: English
Style: Concert/Vaudeville/Music Hall
Length: 1:12

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