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Name: Feder, Zamia

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Title: Ikh Vil Azoy Lebn -- איך װיל אַזױ לעבן
On album: R-007(h) (Yiddish Songs Of The Holocaust (The Struggle To Survive) -- שואה והגבורה (Shoa V'hagvura (Destruction and Courage)
Track ID: 7217
Author Feder, Zamia
Vocal Rubin, Ruth -- רובין, רותּ
First line: Ikh vil azoy lebn, ikh kon nokh nit shtarbn, men zol oyf...
First line:איך װיל אַזױ לעבן, איך קאָן נאָך ניט שטאַרבן, מען זאָל אױף אױגן..
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Not listed on album notes.

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