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Name: Alter, Israel & Jerry Idelson

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Title: Mayn Heym (Imber) -- מײַן הײם
On album: G-050(a) (Art Songs of the Cantor Composer Louis Garb, tenor)
Track ID: 20443
Author Imber, Samuel Jacob (1889-1941) אימבּר, ש. י. (1889-1941)
Composer Alter, Israel & Jerry Idelson
Vocal Garb, Louis
Piano Goldstein, Raymond
First line: Es fregt mikh dem yener, vi iz dort in mayn heym,
First line:עס פֿרעגט מיך דעם יענער, װי איז דאָרט אין מײַן הײם,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)

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