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Name: Glik, H. (1922-1944)/ Sol Zim, Eng
Name (Yiddish): גליק, הירש (1922-1944)

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Title: Zog Nit Keyn Mol -- זאָג ניט קײן מאָל
Also known as: Shir Hapartizanim
Also known as: Partisaner Lid
Also known as: Partisan Song
Also known as: Al Na Tomar
Also known as: Never Say
Author: Glik, Hirsh -- גליק, הירש (1922-1944)
Composer: Pokras, Dan -- פּאָקראַס, דאַן
Composer: Pokras, Dimitri -- פּאָקראַס, דימעטרי
Genre: World War II/Holocaust/Resistance
Subject: Survival/Resistance/Hope
Origin: Ephemera 1203/ Kaczer 3/ML WAH 94/Alb M-029(a)/Alb V-001(a)/Vinkov 4 65
Transliteration: ML WAH 94/Alb G-010(g)/Alb S-083(a)/Alb F-018(b)/Alb G-005(b)/Vinkov 4 65
Translation: Ephemera 1204/Alb G-006(b)/ML WAH 94/Alb S-083(a)/Alb D-004(g)/Vonkov IV 65
Music: ML WAH 94/Alb Z-012(a)/Rubin Voi 85/Vinkov 4 65/Kaczer 361
Additional song notes: Never Say Hebrew Adaptation with Album Notes V-001(b) and Ephemera 1203
On album: Z-010(k) (Sol Zim Jewish Memories)
Track ID: 18174
Author Glik, H. (1922-1944)/ Sol Zim, Eng -- גליק, הירש (1922-1944)
Artist Zim, Sol
Artist Fish, Peter, orchestration
First line: With strength and courage, we will fight with all our might.
First line:זאָג ניט קײן מאָל אַז דו גײסט דעם לעצטן װעג. כאָטש הימלען...
Language: English/Yiddish
Style: Concert

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