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Name: Greenberg, Emil, arr

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Title: Zol Shoyn Kumen Di Geule -- זאָל שױן קומען די גאולה
Also known as: Di Geule
Also known as: La Liberacion
Also known as: May The Redemption Come
Author: Kaczerginski, Shmerke -- קאַטשערגינסקי, שמערקע
Composer: Kook, Rav Avraham Isaac -- קוק, רבֿ אַבֿרהם
Genre: Literary Origin/Post Holocaust
Subject: Salvation/Redemption/Meshiekh/Hope/
Origin: ML MTAG 172/Belarsky 234/Alb R-024(d)/Alb K-075(a)/Alb A-044(a)
Transliteration: ML MTAG 172/Alb A-044(a)/Alb K-075(a)/Alb R-024(d)/Alb C-035(e)/
Translation: Alb T-015(c)/Alb B-007(j)/Alb R-024(d)/K-075(a)/Z- 018(a)/Kalisch 147
Music: ML MTAG 172/Kalisch 144
Additional song notes: Let Redemption Come Also transliteration and translation on Alb b-126(a)
On album: S-007(d) (The Two Sides Of Benjamin Siegel)
Track ID: 18213
Vocal Siegel, Cantor Benjamin
Conductor Max, Harry
Artist Greenberg, Emil, arr
First line: Zol shoyn kumen di geule, zol shoyn kumen di geule,
First line (Yiddish):זאָל שױן קומען די גאולה, זאָל שױן קומען די גאולה,
Language: Yiddish

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