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Name: Gyuleva, Lilia

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Title: Durme Durme
Genre: Sephardic/Lullaby/Traditional
Subject: Lullaby/Viglid/Child/Peace/Faith/Market/University/Doctor
Origin: Alb A-020(a)/Alb C-017(a)/Alb J-012(a)/Alb Y-018(c)
Transliteration: Ephemera 918
Translation: Alb A-020(a)/Alb J-012(a)/Alb C-017(a)/Ephemera 918
On album: B-064(a) (Jewish Songs From Bulgaria)
Track ID: 22385
Artist Hristina Morfova Female Choir
Artist Gyuleva, Lilia
Artist Kaufmann, Nikolai, arranger
Track comment: Sleep, sleep, beautiful child, sleep without worry or sorrow
Language: Ladino

Title: Hava Nagila (Nathanson) -- הבה נגילה
Also known as: Kene Hora (Hava Nagila)
Also known as: Living With the H Tune
Author: Nathanson, Moshe
Genre: Folk/Hora
Subject: Dance/Celebration/Joy
Song Comment: See Page 130 for extended info on the song
Origin: Coopersmith NJS 111/Nath 15/Alb S-033(a)/Alb Z-013(a)/Alb N-014(a)
Transliteration: Alb N-014(a)/Coopersmith NJS 111/Alb N-014(b)/Alb S-033(a)/Alb K-007(a)
Translation: Coopersmith NJS 111/Alb S-033(a)/Alb Z-013(a)/Alb N-014(b)/Alb B-032(a)
Music: Coopersmith NJS 111/Nath 15/Pasternak BHN 130/Metro Scher 15
Additional song notes: Originally Chassidic Sadigurer (Bukovina, Poland) nigun. Text - claimed by Idelsohn, but text usually attributed to Moshe - Nathanson. See Pasternak's "Beyond Hava Nagila" p 130: Nulman, p - 102.
On album: B-064(a) (Jewish Songs From Bulgaria)
Track ID: 22393
Vocal Hristina Morfova Female Choir
Conductor Gyuleva, Lilia
Arranger Kaufmann, Nikolai, arranger
First line (Hebrew):הבה נגילה ושׂמחה. הבה נרננה, ונשׂמחה. עורוּ אחים בּלב שׂמח.
Track comment: With choral version of Shtiler Bulgar ??
Language: Hebrew

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