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Name: Hamlisch, Marvin

Songs written or composed

Title: Leading With Your Heart
Author: Bergman, Alan
Author: Hamlisch, Marvin
Author: Bergman, Marilyn
Genre: Pop
Subject: Love/Heart/Intuition/Risk/Hope/Solution
Origin: Ephemera 1037

Related information in folder 1037:


On album: S-175(b)
Track ID: 35838
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Arranger/Conductor Lubbock, Jeremy
First line: Once upon a time I was afraid of letting go, letting someone in, my feelings...
Language: English
Style: concert
Length: 3:32

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Mayn Shtetele Belz -- מײַן שטעטעלע בעלז
Also known as: Belz
Author: Jacobs, Jacob -- זשאַקאָבס, זשאַקאָב
Composer: Olshanetsky, Alexander -- אָלשאַנעצקי, אַלעקסאַנדער
Genre: Theatre/Nostalgia/Memory/Literary Origin
Subject: Place/Belz/Childhood
Origin: GYF 20/ML PYS 260/Alb G-035(b)/Vinkov 5 309
Transliteration: Alb B-007(c)/GYF 23/Alb L-048(a)/Alb B-007(c)/Alb G-013(c)/ML PYS 260/
Translation: Alb H-006(a)/Alb L-023(b)/GYF 23/Alb J-024(a)1/Alb K-029(g)/Vinkov 5 311
Music: GYF 20/Estella 26/ML PYS 260/Vinkov 5 308
Additional song notes: From the play "Ghetto Song" or "Song of the Ghetto Also translation and transliteration published in Alb T-028(b) Characterized by Karsten Troyke as "Traditional"
On album: J-069(a) (The Jewish Songbook: The Heart and Humor of a People)
Track ID: 42743
Trumpet Alpert, Herb
Violin Svigals, Alicia
Bass Leonhart, Jay
Drums Pelton, Shawn
Acoustic and Electric Guitar Koonin, Brian
Keyboards Musiker, Lee
Clarinet Feldman, Laurence
Saxaphone Malach, Bob
Trumpet Wendholt, Scott
Conductor/Arranger Hamlisch, Marvin
Style: Instrumental
Length: 5:27

Title: The Way We Were (Eng, Yid)
On album: Z-019(a) (Yiddish Forever Zoila)
Track ID: 26200
Author Bergman
Composer Hamlisch, Marvin
Vocal Aguinsky, Zoila
First line: Dayne bilder, es dermonen zikh troymen, vos mir hoben...
First line:דײַנע בילדער, עס דערמאָנען זיך טרױמען, װאָס ציר האָבן...
Track comment: Memories, like the colors of my mind, like the colors of...

Title: Ovinu Malkeynu (Janowski) -- אבינו מלכּנו (יאַנאָװסקי)
Author: Akiba, Rabbi
Author: Amram Goan, Rabbi
Composer: Janowski, Max -- יאַנאָװסקי, מאַקס
Genre: Religious/High Holy Days/Liturgical/Prayer
Subject: Sin/Repentance/Confession/Forgivness
Origin: Alb C-005(b)/Alb B-033(b)/Seder Avo 466
Transliteration: Alb S-092(s)/Alb S-175(b)/Ephemera 1040
Translation: Alb B-026(b)/Alb B-033(b)/Alb C-005(c)/Seder Avo 466/Alb 175(b)
Additional song notes: See Vorbei 293 for history of the text Translation is on Ephemera 1040

Related information in folder 1040:On album: S-175(b)
Track ID: 35841
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Arranger/Conductor Hamlisch, Marvin
Arranger Brohn, William David
First line: Avinu malkeynu sh'ma kolenu, avinu malkeinu chatanu l'faneycha, avinu malkeinu..
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert/cantorial
Length: 4:07

Title: Hatikva -- התקוה
Author: Imber, Naftali Herz -- אימבּר, נפתלי ה.
Genre: Anthem/Zionist
Subject: Hope
Song Comment: Yiddish Translation Ephemera 455
Origin: Netzer 5/Alb G-056(b)/Coopersmith SOZ 229/Metro Scher 31/Metro Album 36
Transliteration: Netzer 5/Alb G-056(b)/Alb S-092(a)/Alb B-067(a)/Vorbei 426/Metro Scher 28/
Translation: Alb B-067(a)/Alb J-007(a)/Alb S-092(a)/Vorbei 426/Binder 40
Music: Netzer 5/Coopersmith SOZ 229/Metro Scher 28/Binder 40/
Additional song notes: Remember that text changed after establishment of the State of - Israel. See Heskes 1, index for various entries respecting sheet - musi/ See also Vorbei 211 and 426 for history of the song. One Samuel Cohen set the text to a Moldavian Melody, "Carul ca Boi" (The Wagon and the Ox).

Related information in folder 410:On album: J-069(a) (The Jewish Songbook: The Heart and Humor of a People)
Track ID: 42754
Piano/Arranger Hamlisch, Marvin
Vocal Karen, Kenny
First line: Kol od balevav penima, nefesh yehudi homiya, ulfa'atey…
First line (Hebrew):כּל עוֹד בּלבב פּנימה, נפש יהוּדי הוֹמיה. וּלפאתי מזרח קדימה עין…
Language: Hebrew
Style: Traditional/Concert
Length: 4:25

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