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Name: Hamlisch, Marvin

Songs written or composed

Title: Leading With Your Heart
Author: Bergman, Alan
Author: Hamlisch, Marvin
Author: Bergman, Marilyn
Genre: Pop
Subject: Love/Heart/Intuition/Risk/Hope/Solution
Origin: Ephemera 1037

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On album: S-175(b)
Track ID: 35838
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Arranger/Conductor Lubbock, Jeremy
First line: Once upon a time I was afraid of letting go, letting someone in, my feelings...
Language: English
Style: concert
Length: 3:32

Other tracks with this artist

Title: The Way We Were (Eng, Yid)
On album: Z-019(a) (Yiddish Forever Zoila)
Track ID: 26200
Author Bergman
Composer Hamlisch, Marvin
Vocal Aguinsky, Zoila
First line: Dayne bilder, es dermonen zikh troymen, vos mir hoben...
First line:דײַנע בילדער, עס דערמאָנען זיך טרױמען, װאָס ציר האָבן...
Track comment: Memories, like the colors of my mind, like the colors of...

Title: Ovinu Malkeynu (Janowski) -- אבינו מלכּנו (יאַנאָװסקי)
Author: Akiba, Rabbi
Author: Amram Goan, Rabbi
Composer: Janowski, Max -- יאַנאָװסקי, מאַקס
Genre: Religious/High Holy Days/Liturgical/Prayer
Subject: Sin/Repentance/Confession/Forgivness
Origin: Alb C-005(b)/Alb B-033(b)/Seder Avo 466
Transliteration: Alb S-092(s)/Alb S-175(b)/Ephemera 1040
Translation: Alb B-026(b)/Alb B-033(b)/Alb C-005(c)/Seder Avo 466/Alb 175(b)
Additional song notes: See Vorbei 293 for history of the text

Related information in folder 1040:On album: S-175(b)
Track ID: 35841
Vocal Streisand, Barbara
Arranger/Conductor Hamlisch, Marvin
Arranger Brohn, William David
First line: Avinu malkeynu sh'ma kolenu, avinu malkeinu chatanu l'faneycha, avinu malkeinu..
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert/cantorial
Length: 4:07

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