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Title: Al Tifgey Bi Le-ozvekh (Davidson) -- אל תּפגעי בי לעזבך (דודסן)
Also known as: Ruth 01:16-18
Also known as: Al Tifgey Bi Le-ozvekh
Also known as: Entreat Me Not to Leave Thee
Composer: Davidson, Cantor Charles -- דודסן, יחזקאל, חזן
Genre: Biblical/Book of Ruth 01:16-17
Subject: Naomi/Ruth/Convert/Constancy
Origin: Tanankh v2. 1943
Transliteration: Ephemera 910
Translation: Tanakh v.2 1943/Ephemera 910
On album: B-033(c) (Ruth/Suite from A Singing Of Angels Beth Abraham Youth Chor)
Track ID: 13131
Vocal Beth Abraham Youth Chorale
Composer Davidson, Cantor Charles -- דודסן, יחזקאל, חזן
Director Kopmar, Cantor Jerome B.
Narrator Jaffe, David, narrator
Language: English
Style: Chorale/Cantata

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