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Name: Jaffee, Louis

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Title: Menashe -- מנשה
Genre: Folk
Subject: Study/Faith/Family/Poverty/Wife
Origin: Vinkov 3 139/Alb A-003©
Transliteration: Vinkov 3 139/Alb A-003©
Translation: Vinkov 3 140/Alb A-003©
Music: Vinkov 3 138
On album: P-002(b) (Jan Peerce sings Yiddish Folk Songs Abraham Ellstein Orch)
Track ID: 10288
Author Rund, Morris
Composer Jaffee, Louis
Vocal Peerce, Jan
Artist Ellstein, Abe -- עלשטײַן, אײב
First line: Iz gezesn bay der gemore der alter reb menashe un...
First line (Yiddish):איז געזעסן בײַ דער גמרה דער אַלטער רעבּ מנשה און געלערנט מיט...
Track comment: Album notes credit Rund & Jaffee for text and music?
Language: Yiddish

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