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Name: Ashkenazy, Rabbi Joseph

Songs written or composed

Title: Eyshes Khayil (Ashkenazy) -- אשת חיל (אַשכּנזי)
Composer: Ashkenazy, Rabbi Joseph
Genre: Biblical/Proverbs 31:10-31/Religious
Subject: Wife/Home/Love/Constancy/Shabos
Origin: Alb S-048(f)/HAL 22/Pasternak CH 70/Alb Y-003(a)
Transliteration: CD M-062(a)/HAL 22/Pasternak CH 55/Alb Y-003(a)
Translation: CD M-062(a)/HAL 22/Pasternak CH 143
Music: Pasternak CH 55


On album: E-018(a) (Epstein Bros. Orchestra Presents 30 Golden Moments of Music)
Track ID: 5051
Artist: Epstein Brothers Orchestra
Track comment: Rabbi Joseph Ashkenazy identified as Secretary to Satmar Rebbe
Style: Instrumental/Klezmer/Chassidic

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Shiru Loy (Heb)
On album: R-024(a) (Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen A Montage/Documentary)
Track ID: 13964
Vocal Ashkenazy, Rabbi Joseph
Narrator Willens, Rita Jacobs
Track comment: From "Satmar Nigunim" Menorah Records LPM 190
Language: Hebrew

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