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Name: Khiotovsky-Khadab, Bela, soloist
Note: Author survived Stutthof concentration camp, survived the war and emigrated to NY. See We Are Here, p 73 no dates

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Title: This Other Jerusalem (Heb) -- ירושלים האחרת
On album: J-006(a) (Jewish Folk Ensemble We Are Here! -- ייִדישער פֿאָלקס-אַנסאַמבל מיר זײַנען דאָ! אנחנו כּאן!)
Track ID: 15296
Artist: Gamzu, Yosi -- גמזו, יוסי
Artist: Mehler, Amos -- מעלער, אמוס
Artist: We Are Here Ensemble -- מיר זײנען דו אַמסאַנבל
Artist: Khiotovsky-Khadab, Bela, soloist
Language: Hebrew

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