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Name: Austin Klezmorim & Lisa Mednick

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Title: Mayn Rue Plats -- מײַן רוע פּלאַץ
Also known as: Mekom Menukhati
Also known as: Arbeter-Romans
Author: Rosenfeld, Morris -- ראָזענפֿעלד, מאָריס
Composer: Rosenfeld, Morris -- ראָזענפֿעלד, מאָריס
Genre: Literary Origin/Folk/Labor
Subject: Factory/Sweatshop
Song Comment: Eng Translat from Forward - Ephemra 537
Origin: ML MTAG 150/Alb Y-007(a)/Levin N 75/Belarsky 217/CD B-086(a)/Vinkov 4 33
Transliteration: CD L-054(a)/CD B-086(a)/CD L-049(a)/Alb Y-007(a)/Alb L-004(a)/Levin N 75
Translation: CD L-054(a)/Alb L-004(a)/Alb Y-007(a)/Alb A-036(a)/Alb K-029(e)/Vinkov 4 33/Ep
Music: Sh Sh 158/Levin N 75/Belarsky 034/Alb Y-007(a)/Vinkov 4 33
Additional song notes: My Resting Place / English Adaption Ephemra 537 Also translation and transliteration on Album B-126(a)
On album: A-033(a) (The Austin Klezmorim Texas Klez)
Track ID: 9926
Artist Austin Klezmorim & Lisa Mednick
First line: Don't look for me where grass is green. You will not find...
First line:ניט זוך מיך, װוּ די מירטן גרינען! געפֿינסט מיך דאָרטן ניט,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Piano & vocal - blues style
Language: Yiddish/English

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