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Title: Zemer Nugeh (Kraus) -- זמר נוגה (קראוס)
Also known as: Can You Hear My Voice
Author: Rakhel -- רחל
Composer: Kraus, Shmuel -- קראוס, שמואל
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Seeking/Loss/Constancy/Sorrow
Origin: Alb A-001(d)/Bekol Ram 53
Transliteration: Bekol Ram 53
Translation: Alb B-076(a)/Bekol Ram 53/Alb T-008(a)
Additional song notes: Sad (Wistful) Song/

Related information in folder 328:On album: T-008(a) (To Live Another Summer to pass another winter)
Track ID: 2697
Author Rakhel -- רחל
Composer Kraus, Samuel
Artist To Live Another Summer Company
Artist Atari, Yona
Arranger/Conductor Kribushey, Dovid -- קריבושי, דוד
First line: Can you hear my voice, oh, so far away?
Language: English

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