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Name: Landau, B., G. Lev, Y. Magid

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Title: There Are All Sorts Of People-YId
On album: V-006(b) (Der Aroysgang Fun Di Shtern The Risings Stars -- דער אַרױסגאַנג פֿון די שטערן)
Track ID: 15271
Author Vergelis, Aaron -- װערגעליס, אהרן
Composer Terletsky, Vladimir -- טערלעטסקי, װלאַדימיר
Artist Landau, B., G. Lev, Y. Magid
Conductor Terletsky, Vladimir -- טערלעטסקי, װלאַדימיר
First line: Eyner nemt un dankt nit, is er nit kayn...
First line:אײנער נעמט און דאַנקט ניט, איז ער ניט קיין..
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Part of "Di Aroysgang Fun Di Shtern", Recording made in USSR

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