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Name: Lipshits, M.
Name (Yiddish): ליפּשיץ, מ.

Tracks with this artist

Title: Al Admatenu -- על אדמתנו (עבֿרית)
On album: Z-013(a) (Zamir Chorale Lu Yehi / Mati Lazar Director -- לו יהי)
Track ID: 1043
Author Lipshits, M. -- ליפּשיץ, מ.
Composer Wolpe, S. -- וולפּה, ס.
Vocal Zamir Chorale, New York
Director Chorale Lazar, Matthew
First line (Hebrew):על אדמתנו, זאת הבּרוכה. כּל רגע נטרפת המנוחה.
Track comment: On this, our blessed land, the peace is continuously...
Language: Hebrew

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