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Name: Melamud

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Title: Betseys Yisroel (Melamud) -- בּצאת ישׂראל (מעלאַמוד)
Composer: Melamud
Genre: Biblical/Psalm/Religious
Subject: Red Sea/Egypt/Psalm 114
Origin: Alb-033(g)/Alb M-041(a)/Alb C-024(a)/Alb S-004(a)/B-033(g)/Pasternak CH 147
Transliteration: Miller 206/Pasternak CH 82
Translation: Miller 206/Alb B-033(g)/M-041(a)/Alb C-024(a)/Pasternak CH 147


On album: B-003(s) (Seder Nights with Sidor Belarsky -- לכּבֿד יום טובֿ פּסח)
Track ID: 2316
Vocal Belarsky, Sidor -- בעלאַרסקי, סידאָר
Choral Arrangements/Musical Director Heifetz, Vladimir -- חפֿץ, װלאַדימיר
First line: Betseys yisroel mimitsrayim, beys yankev me'am l'yoz.
First line (Hebrew):בּצאת ישׂראל ממצרים בּית יעקב מעם לעז.
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: "When Israel came forth out of Egypt, The house of..."
Language: Hebrew
Style: Concert

Contact: yidsong@pobox.upenn.edu