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Name: Norworth, Jack

Songs written or composed

Title: Take Me Out To The Ball Game -- נעם מיך מיט צו דער באַל גײם
Also known as: Nem Mikh Mit Tsu Der Ball Geym
Also known as: Lomir Geyn Tsu Dem Ball Shpil (Video)
Author: Norworth, Jack
Composer: von Tilzer, Albert
Genre: Folk/Americana
Subject: Baseball/Food/Sport


On album: P-030(a) (Mandy Patinkin Mamaloshen)
Track ID: 26160
Vocal Patinkin, Mandy
Conductor Stern, Eric
Arranger Ford, Paul
Yiddish Adaptation Sapoznik, Henry -- סאַפּאָזניק, הענעך
First line: Nem mikh mit tsu der ball geym, tsum oylem lomir dokh geyn,
First line (Yiddish):נעם מיך מיט צו דער באַל גײם, צום עולם לאָמיר דאָך גײן,
Track comment: With "Got Bentsh Amerike"
Language: Yiddish

On album: V0070 (Pripetshik Sings Yiddish! A Joshua Waletzky Film (Video) -- פּריפּעטשיק זימגט)
Track ID: 31855
Vocal Schaechter, Reyna
Vocal Viswanath, Malke-Leye
Vocal Viswanath, Meena-Lifshe
Vocal Schaechter, Daneel
Vocal Whiteman, Leah
Vocal Viswanath, (Arele) Arun
Vocal Whiteman, Shifra
Piano/Introduction Schaechter, (Ben) Binyumen -- שעכטער, (בען) בנימין
Yiddish Adaptation Schwartz, Teddi -- שװאַרץ, טעדי
First line: Lomir geyn tsu dem bal shpil, ikh hob lib tararam, nislekh un vurshtelekh…
First line (Yiddish):לאָמיר גיין צו דער באַל שפּיל, איך האָב ליב טאַראַראַם, ניסלעך און וווּרשטלעך...
Language: Yiddish
Style: Choral

Title: Who Do You Suppose Married My Sister? (Video)
Author: Norworth, Jack
Composer: Bayes, Nora
Genre: Theater/Humorous/Vaudeville/Song & Dance
Subject: Boris Thomashevsky/Sister/Marriage


On album: V0258 (Michael Tilson Thomas/ The Thomashefskys/ Music and Memories of the Yiddish Theater (Video))
Track ID: 36879
Artist: New World Symphony
Vocal/Conductor Tilson Thomas, Michael
First line: When Caruso's on the stage, he think's he is mighty find, and if…he thinks he's
Language: English
Style: Pop/Swing/Humorous/Novelty

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