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Name: Offenbach, Jacques
Born: 1819 (Koln, Germany)
Died: 1880 (Paris)

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Songs written or composed

Title: Can Can Kozotski
Composer: Offenbach, Jacques
Genre: Novelty/Klezmer/Instrumental/Parody


On album: K-022(g) (Simcha Time Mickey Katz Plays Music For Weddings Bar Mitz..)
Track ID: 22353
Artist: Klein, Emmanuel
Artist: Farber, Nat
Artist: Mickey Katz Orchestra
Artist: Diner, Harold
Artist: DeRosa, Vince
Artist: Webb, Champ
Artist: Bercov, Morris
Artist: Gill, Benny
Artist: Sherman, Ray
Artist: Gaines, Earl
Artist: Singer, Lewis
Track comment: Based on Offenbach Melody
Style: Instrumental

Title: Perikola
Composer: Offenbach, Jacques


On album: 011j (/ Dorozenka/ Perikola)
Track ID: 29103
Artist: Novikova, K. M.
Language: Russian
Style: Orchestral Accompaniment

Other tracks with this artist

Title: La Gaite Parisienne (Yid)
On album: A-027(b) (Bruce Adler An Evening At The Yiddish Theatre -Act II-)
Track ID: 26496
Artist: Offenbach, Jacques
Artist: Adler, Bruce
Artist: Mlotek, Zalmen -- מלאָטעק, זלמן, (1951)
First line: Ale, ale kumen on, ale, ale tupen mit di fis,
First line:אַלע, אַלע קומען אָן, אַלע טופּען מיט די פֿיס,
Track comment: Yomtev Songs.

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