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Name: Ophir, Shai & Avram Ben Joseph

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Title: A Hymn To Him
Author: Lerner, A. J. (eng)
Composer: Loewe, Frederick
Genre: Theater/Gender
Subject: Man/Women
Origin: Alb M-009(a) [Yiddish Version]
Transliteration: Alb M-009(a) [Yiddish Version]
Additional song notes: From "MY Fair Lady" Hebrew & Yiddish Versions
On album: R-024(a) (Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen A Montage/Documentary)
Track ID: 280
Author Lerner, Alan J.
Composer Loewe, Frederick
Artist Ophir, Shai & Avram Ben Joseph
Narrator Willens, Rita Jacobs
Track comment: From Hebrew Cast Production of "My Fair Lady" CBS 72201
Language: Hebrew

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