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Name: Pickett, Frederick

Songs written or composed

Title: The Bar Mitzve Speech
Composer: Pickett, Frederick
Genre: Holocaust/Speech
Subject: Bar Mitzve/Parents/Orphan/Survival/Faith
Song Comment: Text discovered in archives of a German Displaced Persons camp
Transliteration: Alb C-035(a)
Translation: Alb C-035(a)


On album: C-035(c) (Ghetto Tango/ Wartime Yiddish Theatre/ Ardienne Cooper/ Zalmen Mlotek)
Track ID: 27940
Vocal/Translator Cooper, Adrienne -- קאָפּער, חנה־פֿריידע
Arranger Mlotek, Zalmen -- מלאָטעק, זלמן, (1951)
First line: Ikh bet az der tate under mame zol arunter fun himl un ze vi ikh ver a bar...
First line:איך בעט אַז דער טאַטע און מאַמע זאָל אַרונטער פֿון הימל און זע...
Language: Yiddish/English
Style: Acapella/Recitative/

Other tracks with this artist

Title: It Hath Been Told Thee (Eng)
On album: C-018(a) (Cantica Hebraica Chorus and Chamber Orchestra)
Track ID: 7542
Composer Pickett, Frederick
Artist Botton, Cantor Richard
Conductor, Chorus and Orchestra Michno, Dennis

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