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Name: Rapaport, Jacob
Born: 1890 (Bessarabia)
Died: 1943
Comment: Grew up in establishment of of the Chortkov Rebbe in Galicia,
Note: Immigrated to US in 1910

Songs written or composed

Title: Modim Anahnu Lakh -- מודים אנחנו לך
Composer: Rapaport, Jacob
Genre: Cantoral/Liturgical
Subject: A Passage from Shemoneh-Esrei
Origin: שמונה עשרה


On album: A-005(j) (Khazn Misha Alexandrovitch / Modim Anakhnu Lakh -- מודים אנהנו לך)
Track ID: 37759
Khazn, Vocal Alexandrovitsh, Khazn Misha -- אַלעקסאַנדראָװיטש, חזן מישאַ
Arranged and Conducted Winternitz, Dr. Khanan -- וינטרניץ, ד"ר חנן
Language: Hebrew
Style: Liturgical
Length: 7:05

Other tracks with this artist

Title: Eylu Devorim
On album: P-002(g) (Jan Peerce Today! Cantorial Masterpieces)
Track ID: 4963
Vocal Peerce, Jan
Composer Rapaport, Jacob
Artist Beersheba Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Rodan, Mendi
Track comment: Sholom Secunda and Robert Reisenman, arr
Language: Hebrew

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