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Name: Ben Israel, Yosef, Yid

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Title: Zingarela (Yid, Heb) -- זינגערעלאַ (ייִדיש, עבֿרית)
On album: Z-010(h) (Strictly Yiddish Paul Zim sings Some Of Mamma's Favorites)
Track ID: 18067
Artist: Ben Israel, Yosef, Yid
Artist: Zim, Khazn Paul
Artist: Simkha Klezmer Orch
Artist: Barnes, Rolf
First line: Zingarela, zingerela, shenye moyd fun montebela,
First line:זינגערעלאַ, זינגערעלאַ, שײנע מױד פֿון מאָנטעבעלאַ,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Hebrew - S. Barness

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