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Name: Schul, Sigmund (1916-1944)

Tracks with this artist

Title: Mogeyn Ovos -- מגן אבות
Genre: Religious/Liturgical
On album: Z-013(d) (Hear Our Voices/Zamir Choral/ Songs of the Ghettos and the Camps / Joshua Jacobson Conductor -- שמע קולנו)
Track ID: 26175
Composer Schul, Sigmund (1916-1944)
Vocal Zamir Choral Of Boston
Vocal Osborne, Cantor Charles, tenor
Vocal Thorpe, Catherine
First line: Mogeyn ovos bedvoro mekhayey meysim bema'amoro,
First line:מגן אבות בדברו, מתים במאמרו. האל הקדוש שאין כמורה,

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