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Name: Southern Command Variety Ensemble
Name (Yiddish): להקת פיקוד הדרום

Tracks with this artist

Title: Shivkhey Maoz -- שבחי מעוז
Author: Shemer, Naomi -- שמר, נעמי
Composer: Shemer, Naomi -- שמר, נעמי
Genre: Literary Origin
Subject: Faith/Praise/Salvation/Protection
On album: E-006(a) (Songs of Israel Specially Selected by Hed Arzi For El AL... -- זמרת הארץ)
Track ID: 13977
Artist: Southern Command Variety Ensemble -- להקת פיקוד הדרום
Vocal Ben Moshe, Rafi -- בּן משה, רפי
First line: Maoz tsur yeshuati, lekha naeh leshabeakh,
First line (Hebrew):מעוז צור ישׁועתי, לך נאה לשׁבח, הרחק הרחק ליד בּיתי,
Audio: Freedman Sound Archives at Penn Libraries (temporarily unavailable)
Track comment: Fortress, rock of my salvation, how fitting to give praise,
Language: Hebrew

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