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Name: Sterner, Saumuel Choir

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Title: A Refue Shleymo -- אַ רפֿואה שלמה
Author: Lillian, Isadore -- ליליאַן, איסאַדאָר
Composer: Rumshinsky, Yosef -- רומשינסקי, יאָסף
Genre: Theater/Lament
Subject: Nation/Illness/Cure/Prayer/Persecution/Exile/Return
Additional song notes: From the operetta "Surnrise"
On album: S-042(a) (Samuel Sterner A Decade of Jewish Choir Masterpieces)
Track ID: 12701
Artist Sterner, Saumuel Choir
First line: A refue shleyme, a refue shleyme, bashefer shik tsu,

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